Why Viola's Wig?


How could I name my page?

It is a long story.
I startet the page as a personal page when I started my journey. Back to that time I named my page: Viola's_Journey.

But then things where happend. I decided to stay in Egypt and travel from here to there a bit. And than I decided to make my movies. I thought, I need a propper name which contains everything what I want to say to the people. So I brainstormed with a friend of mine and she asked me: Why not Violas_Weg, what means Viola's_way or: The path of Viola.

Yeah, but this was to a time, when I made my movies in German. After a couple of days I switched to English. So, I wanted a Name which is in Englisch and not related to Egypt (who knows, maybe I plan tp travel more? Or I decice just to interview people with a wig? ;) )

So I asked my followers and one told me: How about butterfly.

Facebook doesen't allowed it!

I loved it imidiatly and thought, I will name my page: The Yellow Butterfly.

But... Facebook dosen't want it! They told me, my followers would be confused. The diffenernce from Violas_Weg to The Yellow Butterfly is just to big.

And because I was already loghing with my Habibi, my Love Omar, about wearing a Toupet ... I thought ok. Why not wig. I anyway like it a bit absurd, so ... . At least for people, who are knowig, what a wig is, is that name good name. A name to remember.

And the best thing was:
Facebook accepted my changing.

But my followers where a bit confused.