Making / Taking

If I have someone with me and this kind person makes videos about making me videos: You will find it here. Or when I think, I should show the outtakes.

Why I should defently learn the language
It was so hard to explain Amal, that she just shall give me the bowl. She understood something completely different and for a second I asked myself: What did she think about my request she understood? Yes, it's time now to learn. Really!

More intresting stuff about the Alchemist Hub - and Funny on top

A couple of days ago we where at the Alchemist Hub - That place were you can Co-Working and following your dreams can combine (and where you get a great support what to do next, if you want to implement a sustainable project).

Confused: 75 or 57 ...???
In Germany we say it the other way around. Even in Arrabic we say it the other way around. So...It's no wonder, that I got confused!


Outtakes from the Bedouin Clean up day
It was a great, succsessful day with great people. I am so happy, that Gomaa is doing what he is doing. Here are some more Interviews and more pictures from the clean up!

Asking & Answering

Some questions from my follower, here comes the answer. You want to know something special? Feel free to ask me. If I will answer I decide from case to case ;)

Welcome home or why I don't have any privacy
I love cat's , thats true. But seriously: I never would have the cat's of whole Dahab. But they decidet without even asking us to live here. So...what shall I do. We tried everything! From non giving food to close the holes in our wall. But Thes are stronger then we.  Thats one disadvantage of a open house... but anyway. They are also funny and make me every day lough. In the movie you will see why.


It's not about the final Movie - it's about the process ;)

When I used to live in Germany, I had a great Film Crew. We made a lot of movies, just to have fun. I guess, the most importand thing was realy the process - the result was not that importand. But now guys, now I also have great results!



A wish from a Follower:

"Please put the tomato-eating-scene extra." Sure, I love those asking to me :D Here we are guys! It's just so gooood!



Funny Mistakes



Asking & Answering

Thank's for your questions, if there are more: Give it to me ;)



Intressting Outtakes from the Habiba Organic Farm

It was just to much footage and everything was so intressting. So I decidet to make an extra video with the outtakes from today. This Outtakes are more intressting then funny. It shows you, how great sustainable farming in the desert works - if you use the right knowledge.


Making of, instructions and a lot of fun: Habiba Farm behind the Scenes



One of my favorite seasons


Outtakes from Garden Cinter

Short but cute. especially the white flower ;)



Singing in the Rain - good weather in Egypt!

The second video from day 163. I could't decidewhich one I should use, so I ubloaded both ;)




Behind a Pancake:


Behind the Life-Chat and happy :D


The Yes-Takes oder Out-Yes Video:


A special Music Video



Day 141 und 142: In the Oasis


Circus in Dahab


There is a horse on the floor