Why did I decide to show up all my mistakes?


Because our perfect world is in my opinion a place wich talents, ideas, innovations and happyness killed.

That doesen't mean, that I don't want to improve. But I have so much storys, ideas and knowledge about my live in Egypt insite me. I have so many great encounters! I want to make so many jokes - and I want to be famous ;)

If I would have waited until:

  •     My English is nearly perfect
  •     I have a proper microphone
  •     I created a perfect webpage
  •     I have a convincing marketing campaign
  •     ...

I probably would have never started!

Before I made my first movie, I thought about all this. Most of my time I was thinking, how shall I name this project!??! Until a wise man asked me:

"Do you want to talk about making movies or do you want to do it?"

I got realy upset about his insolent question - but it was the kick in my ass, which I needed.


What makes our claim to be perfect with our dreams?


Our claim to perfection brings us sometimes away from our goals and after a while we are frustrated, because we are thinking, we are not good engoth to be simply happy.

The claim to be perfect makes us sick. Insteat of just loving ourselfs we punish us. We compare ourselfs with others who are already life our dreams - and than we think: They deserve our dream. They are perfect enough to live our dream! I give up my dream to someone, who is better than me.

And thats it. We broke our heart. We did it ourselfs.

We continue, but it is not the same. Our inner fire is cold. Or we feel angry. Or depressed. Overtaxed. Sad. Or we feel abandoned. ...

And this kind of feelings are perfect, to create a world, where envy and and resentment are can grow. Where we are looking to our neighbours and think: Their life is better than mine. They are living  my dream and I don't have any prospects to get it back, until ... I am perfect or the neighbor is gone ...


Show your brightest and biggest version of yourself


And now I show up in this world. With a looooooots of misstakes, struggeling and a broken microphone ;)

But this helps me to encourage you to start your biggest dream. Right Now. Not, because you are perfect - because it's makes you satisfired. And that is exactly what our world needs: Satisfired (satisfied) people, who are, instead of being jealous of their neighbours live their biggest vision of their self.

So, you want to talk about your dreams or you want to life your dreams?