Hey hey, I offer the following services for a cheap price for my time:


1. I offer my knowlegde

Often People asking me:

  • How can I extent my visa in Egypt?
  • What do I have to expect in Egypt?
  • What means Digital Nomad and how can I start?
  • How did you start to life your dream?
  • Is it possible for someone ü40?
  • ...

Thats why I offer my knowledge in a Skype-Call (or a Facebook or Zoom-Call). There you can ask me all questions you have, to be prepeared for your personal next step in life! ... or just to satisfy your curiosity.

Just send me a messege me on Facebook or E-Mail me:



2. I offer my work for your business

If you want to have an autentic video about your business, let me know. I love it to show the people behind the ideas - I guess thats my passion. Of course, I also can work with filters, storryboard and a Canon 750D. But the value of my videos is, that they are plain. They show up in a symphatic way:

  • who you are
  • what your passion or your vision is
  • and what magnificent you had build till now.

Your Business doesen't have to be nessesserly in Egypt. The most importand thing is, that it is in your heart. Of course, I promote you on my webpage and in my social media cannels, you just have to share it :) Take the following video as an example and contakt me on Facebook or via E-Mail me:



3. I offer my work for your vacation memories

If you are on vacation somewhere and you would love to have a video, which tells a story - let me know. I will

  • Interview with you
  • Interview people you have an encounter with
  • give you the camara (or just take take the footage from your mobile) to catch your own memories
  • cut it in a way, that you will always feel the moments again.

Of course: I am not a part in this movie - don't worry. Exept you want it ;) But this is your personal movie, which not just catch your memories - it also shows you as an unique globetrotter. Just send me a messege me on Facebook or E-Mail me: