About Me

Never in my life I thought, I will ever publish something in English!

When I moved out from my home country Germany in October 2016 I was already 40 years old. My school time was 20 years ago. I never lived for a while in an English speaking country, because I was a young mother and I wanted to give my son a stable home.

I wasn't able to hold a proper conversation

So, I came to Egypt/Dahab and I wasn't able to hold a proper conversation at the start.

But I improved. I learned hard. Vocabularies every day ... and I am still learning. I started recently with a little Egyptian Arabic as well ... but here I am a bit lazy. English in Dahab is all you need.


My friend Kornelia from Germany was visiting me. Before she came over, she asked me:

  • Is it safe?
  • How is it as a woman in Egypt?
  • Can I trust the Taxi driver?
  • Shall I wear long clothes?
  •  ...

Good to have someone who believes in you

She and other visitors had a lot of questions, so I startet to make my Vlog (It was Kornelia's idea). In German, of course. But my Habibi, my Love, encouraged me to make it in English. Because there are everywhere people, who have a lot of questions and I have the answers ;)

But after a while it turned out for me, that my goal is not just to give answers for questions like: how to behave in Egypt?

What is more intresting is actually showing people. I discovered, that we are all equal. We all wish us a happy life, we all have dreams and we all want that our children are happy. We all laugh. We cry. We have fears, hopes and dreams. We are all living in one world.
Might be we have different nationalities, diffrent cultures and religions. Some of us are vegan, others are eating meat. But our heart, our deepest beeing is the same. And it says: I am a human, I am here to live.

My Story is a I-Never-Thought-Story

So. I discovered my vision is the world peace. It doesen't mean, we don't have any problems and dance in a circle...it means, we respect each other - and at most ourselves.

That's it about me. It is a "I never thought" Story.

And I am realy excited what else will pop up to surprice myself. :D

... my first video in this challenge. Shy, in German, but brave enough to upload it ;)